Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rise To The Occasion

I'm supposed to be working on the yearbook right now, but I'm going to allow myself to get a little carried away while I let some images upload:)

My heart is kind of heavy with the thought of all of the horror and tragedies going on lately... namely, the earthquake in Haiti, the earthquake in Chile, the possible tsunami in Hawaii, and things closer to home like the shooting at University of Alabama in Huntsville, and shooting threat at Buckhorn High School in Huntsville.

My heart is also burdened by the concept of the "lost"-ness of the victims of these catastrophes, my society, my hometown, my school, my friends, my senior class, and even my school's Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I want to make a difference in the lives of all of these people who inhabit my sphere of influence.

God commands us in Acts 1:8 to be His martyrs for people that we have relationships with, for people who are similar to us, for people who are different from us, and for people we will more than likely never come in contact with.

The hardest people for me are the ones that I have relationships with... those that I see, know, and talk to on a regular basis... those who share my home, my classes, and my youth group. Satan is trying to kick my tail with Jerusalem, but I am not his. He has no power over me; therefore I refuse to live in his bondage. I am called to be a bold martyr - not an unloving phony.

I will rebel against his expectations of me. I will rise to the occasion, and do what is expected.


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